Mosbah Zidani

University of Batna2, Algeria
"Study of the local and global texture by an advanced technique EBSD: Expertise of industrial metals"



Mosbah ZIDANI currently is a Professor in the Faculty of Technology at University of Batna 2. He is the chief of a research team named: Study and Elaboration of Metallic Materials in the LGEM Laboratory at the University of Biskra. From 2017 to 2019, he was a member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Science and Technology and president of several doctoral training programs in Biskra University. His research interests include the experimental study of microstructures, deformation of metal alloys and the recrystallization and grain growth mechanisms textures using SEM, EBSD, and RX and neutron diffraction.

Pr. Zidani is the author of over forty international scientific papers (indexed by: Thomson Reuters /Scopus -Elsevier). He has over 100 participation in national and international conferences in the last five years, which he has presented several national and international plenary conferences as an Invited Speaker. He is the main Editor of the special issue of journals (DF,DDF and SSP indexed by: Scopus -Elsevier) of the house in Switzerland and also Editorial Board member and Evaluation expert (Reviewer) in several high level journals (JERA, JNanoR, Journal of Molecular Liquids, JMES…. indexed by: Web of Science and Scopus-Elsevier).

Pr. Zidani supervised 12 PhD thesis (10 doctoral students Discussed their thesis under his supervision) and more than thirty (30) masters degree and final projects for engineering students are discussed under his direction.

Pr. Zidani lead several research projects (CNEPRU, PNR, PRFU....) with industrial partners in collaboration with the two national companies: ENICAB-Biskra and TREFISOUD-El Eulma (Sétif), with several national research centers and laboratories: Advanced Technology Development Center (CDTA), Baba Hassan-Algiers (Algeria ), Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory (LSGM),USTHB-Algiers ( Algeria), Center for Scientific and Technical Research in Physico-chemical Analysis (CRAPC), Tipaza (Algeria) and with two international laboratories: Synthesis, Properties and Modeling Laboratory (SP2M) and Léon Brillouin Laboratory (LLB) in France.